How Much Protein Should You Have Each Day?
By []Dan Przyojski

Hello My Friend,

How much protein a person needs is one heck of a debated topic.

So how much do you need?

Wellllllll, let’s look past the hype and commercial interest’s to help you to find the healthy truth on this topic.

Here are some specific concerns you should take into consideration:

1. Age – Makes a big difference because as we age our bodies ability to digest certain foods changes. Everyone will have a different capability for digestion of certain nutrients but one thing is for sure and that is this – you will not be able to handle (in a healthy way) large amounts of food like you did in your teen and twenties years.

2. Gender – Male or female – yes that makes a difference. Males hold more muscle mass and need more protein. This is not a male chauvinistic point of view, just a fact. That being said, some women have more muscle mass than others so they will of course require more protein than a women who carries less muscle mass.

3. Physical Condition – Are you in poor shape? Good shape? Great shape? The better your physical condition the better you will be at digestion and assimilation of foods.

A few more factors that come into the role of needed protein are these daily lifestyle habits:

1. Work load – Do you have a sit-down job? A physical job? Are you a student?

2. Stress – Are you stressed at anyone of the above occupations? Are you stressed from other factors in life, like relationships with friends, family, commute to and from work, school or as a traveling sales person?

3. Sleep – Do you sleep soundly for at least seven (7) hours most nights of the weeks?

4. Stimulants – Yes, the intake of coffee, tea, stimulant drinks, sugar, refined foods and other chemical altering products can play havoc with the digestion system.

I want to let you know that there is no one universal protein ratio that will work for everyone and what you’ll find out (as I have) is that as you age what worked before may not work as well in the present and that is why you need to re-evaluate your lifestyle and protein needs.

Simple Steps You Can Take For Calculating Your Protein Needs:

1. Know what your body-fat ratio is. If you know that you weigh 200 pounds and are at 20% body-fat, that would be roughly 160 pounds of lean muscle tissue and 40 pounds of body-fat.

2. If you are at least in decent physical condition here is a good starting point for calculation.

3. Multiply your lean body mass (160 pounds) X.75 for a safe starting point of how much protein you should have each day.

4. Your calculation would look like this; 160 X.75 = 120. So you would want to consume 120 grams of lean protein each and every day. That would give you 3/4 quarters gram of protein per pound of lean muscle mass every day.

Depending on your present physical condition that may be too low if you are in great shape and want to build more muscle. If you are in weak physical condition than this protein will help build strong and healthy muscle tissue when combined with a sensible weight lifting and aerobic conditioning program.

Remember to start slow and change your nutrient needs to compliment your changed physical needs!

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How Much Protein Should You Have Each Day?

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